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The Level (01) Certified Feeder is a prerequisite for instructors looking to teach the ENB system in their martial arts facility. It is also a prerequisite for those looking to obtain a Level 2 Student certification. This course will give you the fundamentals to guide "Agak" your students. It will also refine and enhance your fundamentals with time practiced and becoming comfortable teaching the Level 1 Student curriculum yet not following patterns.

Level 1 Certified Feeder Module

  • LEVEL (01) CERTIFIED FEEDER: You will gain the skills and confidense to guide and teach your students the art of Balintawak Eskrima with The Eagle's Nest Balintawak online program. You will cover the same content as the level 1 student and more to give you the tools to guide your students and grow your program. Here is some of your included content:

    Fundamentals of saftey 

    Basic strikes

    Basic blocks

    Defense and counters

    Footwork & Body posture 

    Teaching Details to assist you teach

    Body reflexes 

    Basic use and understanding the importance of the left hand

    Methods and strategies to defend multiple style of attacks 

    Fundamental boxing and mit work

    Introduction to defenses to the left hand

    Introduction to disarms and understanding the disarming principles 

    And much more...

  • This is a DIGITAL product therefore you will be given a PASSCODE to access your program on this website. In addition we will have online Zoom classes 1x a month for all our program instructors. Every 3 months for all your practicing students of the Eagle's Nest Balintawak Level 1 Student Program.

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