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From Cebu To Your Gym

Welcome to the Eagle's Nest Balintawak. The name Eagle's Nest represents the national bird of the Philippines which is one of the largest species of eagles in the world. Also, it represents the original home and founding location of Balintawak Eskrima founded by Great Grandmaster Anciong Bacon in 1952. Guro Bell started Balintawak in late 1993 with GM Bobby Taboada. He continued his education and deeper understanding by his main mentor and teacher the late GM Sam Buot, and now is mentored and highly influenced by GM Rad Maningas of the Bacon-Buot system and  Grandmaster Rino Balinado of NECOPA Balintawak.

With Eagle's Nest Balintawak you will learn a system of self-defense that is weapon based, systemized, practical and has flexibility to be practiced in multiple formats of your choice. The close range techniques and system of Balintawak Eskrima is a great stand alone or supplemental program for any martial arts gym

The Eagle's Nest Balintawak program is catered to educate martial art programs and individuals that are looking to become more educated and certified in the Filipino martial art of Balintawak Eskrima, assist their students, and offer an additional program at your facility the best way you see fit. 

We assist you through pre-prepard video instruction, live Zoom instruction, in person seminars and certification, and open communication and mentorship with Guro George Bell.

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Our Services

Become a Student

Level up! Become a certified student. Start learning from our systematic video instructionals, Zoom classes, and live seminars to become a Level 1 practitioner of the Eagle's Nest Balintawak Eskrima Program. By learning a Filipino martial art you will gain hand-eye coordination, body reflexes, knowledge of practical weapons, and close-quarter self-defense.

Learn more...

Become an Instructor

Become an instructor and offer our program to your students. Learn systematic student & instructor modules and grow the Eagle's Nest Balintawak program at your facility. Regardless if you are offering this to your black belts, your black belt club, your general student population, or your leadership team, you can implement our system how you choose.

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About Guro George

The founder of ENB is a 47 year veteran to martial arts and has been involved in Balintawak for over 27 years, learn more about Guro George...

Free Videos

Check out a few video that show drills, techniques, and a few concepts to give you an idea about ENB...


A Turn Key System That Adds New Practical Skills, A Revenue Generator And Fun!

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Updated Video Lessons

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Personalized Zoom Classes

In Person Seminars & Certification

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Our Reviews

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