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Rico Maranga

Master Rico Maranga prefers the title "coach" and was born May 16 ,1974.
He is the eldest son of Rodrigo Macan Maranga and Lourdes Romo Echivarre.
From a young age Coach Rico has been an athlete and gymnast. His education is in architecture but recently has started the field graphic artist and designer.

Holding to the Legacy of Maestro Rodrigo Maranga and his late grandfather police major Timoteo Maranga Sr. of Martial Arts, CEM-Combate Eskrima Maranga, Rico continues to grow, educate, train in CEM-Combate Eskrima Maranga.

Coach Rico also has experience in Wing chun, Silat, Tai-chi and Qigong as well as a brown belt from the Japan Karate Association.


Other Balintawak experiences are based only from his grandfather Timor and his father Drigo... maybe from those under Jo Milan Go, and some members formerly Balintawak who already became followers of Tres Personas Eskrima de Combate Super Cuentada system of Timor, now CEM-Combate Eskrima Maranga. CEM and the logo that Coach Rico created was born January 05, 2000, 

"There is no such new technique! What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

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