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Black Friday SALE!!!

Thank you for all for subscribing to our new website and service for the Balintawak community world-wide. Our goal is to share all the flavors of Balintawak over time but more importantly it is to feature and help you, our community of practitioners and qualified instructors. We want to feature your knowledge, your teaching methodologies, and your expression of your knowledge of Balintawak. Even with the many flavors of Balintawak there is an even broader spectrum of nuances from person to person and all have value.

Come join the Balintawak Library in its debut, offering concepts, drills, techniques, and so much more by offering digital download instructional dvd's. Just download it and keep your private lesson/seminar to study when you want and where you want. We are starting with 5 awesome instructors but will soon expand to many more. By the way, We are always interested to hear from qualified guru's to join our team!

Please visit or website and check out the countdown clock because Black Friday will be here soon! The digital download will be only $30 each for 4 days then they will return to $50 on Tuesday December 1. Last, We want to build a large following and community of unity and knowledge through the Balintawak Library so if you can support us by following or liking our pages we would be forever grateful! We plan to offer FREE content on our YouTube channel, a Balintawak discussion group on Facebook, also a business page on Facebook and an Instagram which will also share many videos and content.

Don't forget to build your unique Balintawak Library and we look forward to see you all this weekend. Learn more! Grow More!


George Bell, Founder


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